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2-Piece Combination Square Bundle


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Accurately measure and mark 90° and 45° lines with the Empire 2-Piece Combination Square Bundle. This Bundle includes a 300mm Stainless Steel Combination Square and a 150mm Stainless Steel Combination Square. Both tools are also ideal for verifying 90° and 45° angles on workpieces.

Both Combination Squares have precision-milled edges to guarantee accuracy at 0.5mm/m. BLADE-LOCK Technology enables easy blade adjustment and enhanced blade retention. True Blue® dual pitch vials offer improved visibility in all lighting conditions and additional lines to verify 1° and 2° slopes.

The rulers on each Combination Square feature laser-etched metric markings on both sides in 10mm increments. Scriber pins from both Combination Squares can be used to mark lines on work surfaces and have their own convenient on-board tool storage.

Made in the USA, these Combination Squares feature heavy-duty cast zinc heads for precision, durability and corrosion resistance.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Precision-milled edges guarantee accuracy at 0.5mm/m

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    BLADE-LOCK technology for easy blade adjustment and enhanced blade retention

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    Dual pitch vials offer improved visibility

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    Additional vial lines to verify 1° and 2° slopes

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    Made in the USA

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